Our Plans

Few thing about our plans


We have various investment plans for our esteemed investors which allows you diversify your investment in various plans to maximise your profits.
Below we offer;

1. Regular investment plan which gives you a daily profits of 1% for 120days.

2. Bronze investment plan which gives your a daily profit of 1.2% for 120days.

3. Gainers investment plan which gives you a daily profit of 1.5% for 120days.

4. Top Gainers investment plan which gives you a daily profit of 2% for 120days.

With this plan you can fully diversify your income and maximise your profits with the bot.

Note: Each plan has its investment requirements

Check the website below for more information on the minimum for each investment plan.

The Plans

Level 1


You get 1% daily for 120 days
  • 0.02BTC
  • 1ETH
  • 3LTC
  • 700XRP
  • 2DASH
  • 0.8BCH
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Level 2


You get 1.2 % daily for 120 days.
  • 0.1BTC
  • 10ETH
  • 30LTC
  • 7000XRP
  • 23DASH
  • 8BCH
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Level 3


You get 1.5% daily for 120 days.
  • 1BTC
  • 95ETH
  • 300LTC
  • 67600XRP
  • 950DASH
  • 70BCH
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Level 4

Top Gainers

You get 2% daily for 120 days
  • 3BTC
  • 400ETH
  • 1216LTC
  • 281600XRP
  • 950DASH
  • 305BCH
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